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How Your Comfort Zone Keeps You Stuck In The Rut of Stagnation (Settling for Less)

Clinging too tightly to our comfort zones is one of the biggest reasons people fail to achieve their goals. What are the effects of not getting out of our comfort zones? How do we overcome the fear of getting out of them? How does entitlement keep us stuck? On this episode, I share the 4 ways we get sucked into the vortex of our comfort zones. 

The juice in life is in progress, expansion, growth, not in stagnating, sitting on your laurels and collecting dust. -Doren Aldana 



  • We stay stuck in our comfort zone by softening the problem. If we don’t tell ourselves the truth, we’ll never be able to solve our problems and level up. 

  • A sense of entitlement keeps us stuck in our comfort zone. Instead of letting pride get in our way, we should always pursue growth and expansion. 
  • We get stuck in our comfort zone by letting fear stop us. The things you’re afraid of actually become less scary when you pursue them. 

  • Don’t get sucked into your comfort zone by sitting on the nail and thinking the bad situation you’re in isn’t that bad. The pain of where you are has to be bigger than the pain of discipline in order to get you into action.

At the start of the show, I shared a few stories about people who have overcome their comfort zones, and the importance of turning our “shoulds” into “musts.” Next, I talked about how softening the problem keeps us stuck in our comfort zones, and how to overcome the terror barrier. We also discussed why we shouldn’t get too comfortable with the pain of where we are. 

We also discussed:

  • How entitlement destroys our growth 
  • Why stagnation always leads to regression
  • Why you need to pursue what you fear


How to Generate the Highest-Quality, Most Qualified Online Mortgage Leads (For Just $1.78 per Lead)… Without Facebook! w/Brian Diez

One of the biggest challenges mortgage pros experience is creating a healthy pipeline of leads without breaking the bank. Previously, Facebook has generally been the best way to do this, but that’s rapidly changing to our disadvantage in some markets. What are the benefits of using Google Adwords to generate leads? Why are Adwords leads more motivated and likely to take action? 

On this episode, mortgage originator, entrepreneur and media buyer, Brian Diez, shares how he "Cracked the Adwords Code" to generate better quality, more motivated leads at a fraction of the cost.

Change in the marketplace means there is opportunity for those prepared to adapt. -Brian Diez  


  • When market changes happen, our success will be defined by our willingness to adapt. 

  • Google allows us to channel pre-existing demand. With Facebook advertising, we’re spending money to create demand.  

  • The first step to generating leads on Adwords is building an authority site, a website other sites are linking back to. 

At the start of the show, Brian shared how he got started and how he adapted to the financial meltdown, and how he got started with Google Adwords. Next, we talked about some of the key changes on Facebook that are making it hard to advertise successfully on the platform, and how to start setting up the pieces for successful Adwords campaigns. We also discussed how to create business stability through diversity and why we shouldn’t be reliant on only one digital platform to generate leads.  

We also discussed:

  • What’s causing the much-feared Facebook ban and how to avoid it.
  • Why Google is a great alternative or supplement to Facebook for quality lead generation
  • The value of partnering with a credit repair company
  • and much more 


Guest Bio 

Brian Diez is a certified media buyer, mortgage originator, best selling author, and owner of US Credit Advocate. To learn more about his Adwords program, visit

3 Simple Steps for Creating a Kick Ass Marketing Plan

The start of a new year is the perfect time to rethink and refocus our marketing goals and efforts, and if we want to succeed, it’s important to have a marketing plan that makes success inevitable. How do we go about building a winning marketing plan? What routines and activities do we need to have in place? On this episode, we talk about how to strengthen our marketing plans and strategies for the year ahead. 


If your marketing is on point, you should be getting 1-3 deals per month for every 100 past clients. -Doren Aldana  



  • Set up your income target. You need a measurable outcome you want to achieve. Then, you can build a marketing plan around it.

  • If you know your income target, that will help you determine how many units you need to get to your income target, and how much your marketing budget will be. 

  • Block schedule your daily routines: we need champion level routines to achieve champion level goals. 

  • Successful marketing is all about mining the gold from your database, and going after 3-10 top producing agents who make you their exclusives.

At the start of the show, we talked about the importance of making our marketing less complicated, and the value of building systems with elegant simplicity. Next, we talked about the 3 things we need to do to set up a successful marketing plan, and the importance of focusing on deal flow. We also discussed the value of going narrow, deep and rich with a few high level agents,  and how to get more 5-star reviews on Google.  

We also discussed:

  • How to trigger repeat business with long term nurture 
  • How to build top of mind awareness 
  • What it takes to achieve champion level success

5 Steps For Using Facebook Ads to Generate Quality Mortgage Leads & Attract Rock Solid Realtor Partners Without Cold Calling w/Sabina Phillipsz

There are 5 simple steps we need in order to turn Facebook into a lead machine that feeds our pipeline with an ever-growing flow of closed deals. Do you wish you had more quality leads, so you can close more deals? Is your prospecting method wasting your time with little to show for it?

In this episode, marketing expert, Sabina Phillipsz, reveals the critical steps most mortgage pros will never know about how to generate more quality leads on autopilot and how to use those pre-approvals as SUPER BAIT to attract top-producing Realtor partners. You’ll learn how to set up your own consumer-direct Facebook ad that can generate hundreds of quality buyer leads per month; and how to finally take control of your pipeline, and build stability through diversification.


Facebook is a great way to connect with prospects very cost-effectively. It’s a great platform because it’s visual and you can put a lot of content on it. -Doren Aldana  



  • Most people think that branded stuff is the way to go. We get better results and a lower cost a lead when we take the unbranded approach.

  • For the best results, do sequential, multimedia and multi-pillared follow-up. When a lead comes in, send an immediate voicemail. Ten minutes later, send an email; fifteen minutes later, send a text message. 

  • Mentorship provides us with new ideas, accountability and proven systems. 


At the start of the show, we talked about how to set up a direct consumer ad on Facebook, and why it’s a great platform for generating leads. Next, we talked about the power of having non-branded content, and the power of texting. We also shared case studies including how Penny Wrightly generated 460 leads and 14 closes, how Kelly Czarny doubled her income in 3 months and how Devon Peterson tripled his loan volume in 2 months.  

We also discussed:

  • How to implement an automated follow-up system that converts more leads into closings
  • How to self-source your own quality leads so you OWN THE POWER in your partnerships
  • How to provide your Realtors with UNIQUE VALUE so they make you their exclusive lender
  • and much more!

Guest Bio 

Sabina is a Certified Google and Facebook Marketing Specialist who has been working in the digital marketing space since 2007. She has a diverse set of skills in all aspects of business and marketing.

How Kirsten O’donnell 5X’d Her Income (From 1 to 5 Loans/Mo.) in Just 4 Months (Without Cold Calling)

When you’re in the slow grind, worrying about where your next deal will come from, life in the mortgage business can get very difficult. When we feel like we’re spinning out wheels, what are the necessary steps to get traction? How can we start building a healthy pipeline of closed deals without the hell of cold calling? On this episode, Kirsten O’donnell, shares how she went from just treading water at one loan per month, to QUINTUPLING her income (closing 5 deals per month) in just 4 months. 

When you invest in yourself, you have the knowledge forever. -Kirsten O’donnell



  • Being friendly and having great rates and services is a great start, but being able to have something unique that actually helps them push the needle on profit is mission critical to our success. 

  • Sympathy is not a strategy. You will never get solid partnerships just because the pity people feel for you makes them pick up your phone calls. 

  • Going after your dreams is never going to be within your comfort zone.

At the start of the show, Kirsten shared what made her decide to take a leap into the coaching program, and the struggle of leaving the certainty of a 9-5 job. Next we talked about the biggest fears that weighed on her during the difficult season in her business, and the critical ingredient to success that should never be ignored, neglected or overlooked. Kirsten also shared how she overcame skepticism, and the difference between her day to day life then and now. 

We also discussed; 

  • Why having good rates and services isn’t good enough to move the needle for Realtors 
  • Why sympathy isn’t a business strategy 
  • How dreams are achieved outside our comfort zones

Guest Bio 

Kirsten is Mortgage Loan Officer at Market prime mortgage. Connect with her on LinkedIn

3 BIG Reasons Why Most Marketing Plans Don’t Work (And How To Fix It)

Most of us are looking forward to a new year and hoping that our marketing strategies will be successful in helping us grow our businesses. The problem is that many of these aspirations and goals don’t get achieved because of how we approach our marketing. How do we make sure we’re setting our marketing up to win and succeed? What kills the effectiveness of our marketing plans? On this episode, we discuss 3 things that are hindering the effectiveness of our marketing plans, and how we can improve for a more successful 2020.  

Until our champion level goals have a champion level execution plan, and champion level daily routines, chances are they won’t happen. -Doren Aldana


  • When a marketing plan is too cerebral and too “in-your-head,” it won’t work until your heart is in it and you feel like it’s tied to your BIG why.

  • If a marketing plan is too complex and complicated, we end up doing nothing. Simplify marketing by focusing on database marketing, Realtor marketing and consumer direct marketing. 

  • Having a caveman type marketing strategy makes it hard to achieve any success. We have to set up systems for automation and delegation, and we have to be able to get to the outcome taking the easiest path possible.

At the start of the show, I shared why our marketing plans have to be backed by execution and daily routine. Next, we talked about how to connect our plan with our BIG why. Next, we discussed the 3 types of marketing that we need to have in our plan, and how to align our activity with our energy.

We also discussed: 

  • Why cerebral marketing plans don’t succeed
  • How complexity kills execution
  • The difference between a “should” and a “must”

AOMM - 3 Cash-Eating Gremlins In Your Business That Cause Griping Instead of Gratitude

For many of us, our businesses are robbing us of peace, gratitude and precious dollars, and it’s because of some of the approaches we are taking. What are the 3 things that are making it hard for us to have breakthroughs in our businesses? What are the more effective things we can do instead? On this episode, we talk about 3 things that are causing stress and strain in your business and how you can fix them so that you can glow with gratitude. 

There’s only one true way to consistently grow your business, and that’s having a proven system for getting top agents to make you their exclusive. -Doren Aldana



  • If you’re spending time cold calling, you’re wasting your time. The better and more effective way is to target top producing agents and use tech to reach out to them. 
  • Stop being passive and waiting for the phone to ring. Do proactive lead generation on a daily basis, and also implement effective follow-up. 
  • Stop trying to reinvent the wheel on your own. Use a proven system and plan by someone who has succeeded in order to become successful yourself.

At the start of the show, we talked about how the wrong approaches in business lead to us having less joy and peace. Next, we talked about the 3 things we need to steer clear of in our businesses, and shared how to be more proactive and why we need to stop trying to reinvent the wheel. 

We also discussed: 

  • Why you need to drop old school cold calling methods
  • The power of having a proven system and plan
  • How to do more effective lead generation

How to Fix Not Hitting Your Income Goals

As 2019 draws to a close, many loan officers are beginning to question why they haven’t met their income goals for the year. What are the key things holding us back from our targets, and what can we do to start the next decade on a more successful note? What are we missing that can be easily fixed to ensure a more prosperous future? On this episode, we learn how to reach our income goals.


Most people don’t get what they want because they don’t know what they want. Get clarity on the desired outcome. -Doren Aldana  



  • Get clarity on the outcome. Often we don’t reach our goals because we don’t have specific goals in mind. Break the cycle by thinking of a number and working towards it. 

  • Feel the victory in advance. To attract success into our lives, we have to start envisioning the outcome we want.

  • One of the simplest ways to start reaching goals faster is by nurturing our databases. Stay in contact with spheres of influence and past clients, as the results will be huge.

At the start of this episode, we heard how not reaching goals can have a devastating effect on loan officers, both financially and mentally. After learning the key areas mortgage professionals can address to see better results, we heard how to get onto the fastest path to success.

We also discussed:

  • Why it’s important to think about the impact success will have on our lives
  • The benefits of mentorship and accountability
  • Why we need to aim for the top dog producers

5 Steps for Attracting Top Producing Realtors as Exclusive Partners (Webinar)

Many LOs feel like they aren’t getting anywhere or achieving anything when it comes to working with the best Realtors, and it’s because of repeating the same outdated and lack-luster methods. In order for us to overcome this, what are the 5 shifts that need to align in our businesses if we want to start attracting the top dogs? What are the things we need to stop doing immediately if we want our businesses to do better? In this webinar, we talk about the worst strategies for recruiting Realtor partners and what we can do instead, as well as a rejection-free equation for getting business.  

The idea is to stop being a “Joe Schmoe” LO offering great rates and service, and start adding unique value that no other mortgage professional is offering. -Doren Aldana 



  • Everyone is clamoring for the same real estate agents, so the competition has increased immensely. Rates and good service aren’t enough to differentiate us anymore. 

  • Stop cold calling the same people over and over with the hope that you’ll wear them down. Instead, use automation to get people pre-sold in advance. 
  • Diagnose first; prescribe second. Ask questions, discover their pain points and then come up with a solution.

At the start of the show, I talked about the importance of becoming more like the people we want to attract to work with us, how to determine the right bait to bring Realtor partners in, and how we can bring value to them. We also discussed the difference between prospecting and positioning. 

We also discussed: 

  • LOs who completely changed their businesses
  • Why cold calling doesn’t cut it anymore  
  • The value of mentoring

The Risk of Not Taking Risks

All of us want to live more effective lives, but when it comes to doing what we need to do in order to achieve greater success, we often find ourselves shrinking back into fear. Does avoiding risk have any benefits, or are we shooting ourselves in the foot by playing it safe? How can taking risks help us progress, and why is it so important for us to tackle our fears head on? On this episode, we learn why the biggest risk we can take is not risking anything at all.


The biggest risk of playing it safe is regression of advancement.
-Doren Aldana  



  • With no risk, there can be no reward. Everything worth having comes at a price - whether it be relationships or business. We have to stop letting fear hold us back.

  • Taking risks is vital for moving forward. If we don’t take risks, we’re stagnating. In other words, by not progressing, we’re allowing ourselves to rot.

  • The reason we’re hesitant to take risks is exactly why we need to take them. If we feel inadequate, it’s because we’re not nurturing ourselves. The quickest solution is to take care of ourselves.


At the start of the episode, we learnt that as human beings, we’re more prone to protecting ourselves than actively looking for more. We heard that, while a survival instinct, defense will not help us move forward, and that in fact, only defending ourselves without taking any risks puts us in danger of stagnation. 


We also learnt:

  • The importance of investing in ourselves strategically
  • Why we need to focus on what we want more than what we’re afraid of
  • Why taking fewer risks will lead to more regrets in the long term