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How to Stop Chasing Realtors and Get Them to Start Chasing YOU! w/ Chris Reale

Let's be real: chasing realtors down and offering them rate sheets and donuts doesn’t work anymore. Those days are long gone, and unfortunately, a lot of mortgage pros see themselves as a replaceable commodity instead of a needed resource. What’s wrong with this mindset and how can we shift it? How can we bring a unique value proposition to agents that gets their attention and makes you their exclusive lender? Why do we need automation instead of doing it the hard way with cold calling? In this episode, Chris Reale explains how we can flip the script so that realtors need us more than we need them.




  • It’s good to offer great rates and great service as a loan officer, but they are part of being professional and it’s not enough anymore. We need to take one step further and help agents succeed.

  • When we help agents grow their business, we have created a value-added relationship with them that means they will want to do business with us. 

  • We can bring real value to agents by looking at their business, figuring out their pain points, and helping them grow in the areas that can get them more business.

On this episode we discussed how to get realtors wanting to do business with us instead of us chasing them for business. Chris Reale explains the importance of a unique value proposition as well as how we can help agents fill the gaps in their business, get them more deals and get ourselves more partnerships.

We also discussed:

  • Why offering great rates and service isn’t enough 
  • Why we should help agents grow their business
  • How we can help agents get more business


Most loan officers think of themselves as a commodity instead of a needed resource, but we can only become a needed resource by revisiting our value proposition and assessing whether it helps agents succeed. We need to shift our mindset and have a unique value proposition that helps agents grow their business. When we have something of real value to offer, we become an indispensable and strategic profit-producing partner for agents. 


Guest Bio 

Chris Reale is a Real Estate and Mortgage entrepreneur from Boston, Massachusetts who founded and managed his first financial services company at the age of 24. He is the Owner of CJReale Consulting Services, and Co-Founder and Certified Massachusetts Real Estate Instructor of The Real Estate Edge. Chris helps Real Estate and Mortgage professionals scale their business with predictability by utilizing his Digital Agent Mastery Plus Consulting Program. His company grew from 1 employee to 30 employees with revenues of over $2,000,000, and funded over nearly $1,000,000,000 in residential loan transactions. Chris now spends his time as a digital and non-digital marketing consultant who helps Real Estate and Mortgage companies profit wildly through digital marketing. Chris' clients are some of the fastest growing companies in the U.S.

How to WOW Top Dog Realtors into Making You Their Exclusive Lender

The mortgage industry is filled to the brim with hopefuls. How can you make sure you stand out from the crowd? How can you offer a ‘wow’ factor that separates you from those offering the same, run-of-the-mill services as everyone else? On this episode, I’m sharing how to wow top dog Realtors to become their exclusive lender.



You can’t afford to be normal or average. We are in the business of fascination and being extraordinary and remarkable. -Doren Aldana



  • Lead with unique value. Make sure you’re offering something different to the Realtors you approach. Inside their pain is your opportunity for gain.

  • Diagnose before you prescribe. Before you can offer anything to a Realtor, make sure you’re listening to their concerns. Then you can provide them with a tailor-made solution.

  • Diversify your activities and talents. Don’t rely on any one thing for success. You need to have as many skills to offer as possible. 


At the start of the episode, I explained why it’s crucial to have a ‘wow’ factor. I shared why you need to get out of your comfort zone and how you could go about it. I ended by mentioning that you need to implement the ideas. “Doing” is vital.

We also covered:

  • Creating a VIP program for your partners
  • Being the champion you want to attract
  • Why you can’t afford to be average


Mortgage professionals are in the business of fascination. It’s not enough to just offer partnerships. You need to be separating yourself from the herd and creating a phenomenal impression. Pay attention to what Realtors want and start devising a strategy unique to your abilities. To thrive in this industry, you need to bring something exceptional to the table.

Why Most Coaching Programs for Mortgage Pros Don’t Work

There are so many coaching programs out there, but not all of them are effective. Where do most programs go wrong? What should a great program be offering you? On this episode, I’m listing the 7 areas where most coaching programs fail.



You want a systems-based business that allows you to streamline your marketing and operations. -Doren Aldana



  • A lot of programs teach old-school, outdated methods to success. This means that rather than embracing the ease that comes with technology, they’re still making you take the hard way.

  • Coaching programs teach you how to put manual effort into your marketing. This makes it more difficult for you to ever step out of your business.

  • While it’s great to learn how to get things done, it’s adding another step to your process. Coaching programs should be doing some activities for you.


After explaining the first three ways most coaching programs fail their clients, I explained one key flaw: they’re not teaching mortgage professionals to be marketers. I mentioned that their focus on operational systems means nothing unless you have marketing systems in place.

 We also discussed:

  • Why one-trick pony solutions are a dangerous gamble
  • That a lot of coaching programs are not mortgage-specific
  • That far too few programs pay attention to your inner game of success


Coaching is extremely important, and even if you walk away with only one new piece of information, you’ve succeeded. The same goes for working on activities that require manual effort: they’ll take you farther than if you’d done nothing. However, it’s time for you to stop working harder than you need to. Small steps only take you a short distance. Join a program that allows you to go further without the extra work.

How Devon Peterson Tripled His Loan Production in Just 2 Months!

Many mortgage professionals wait until they hit rock bottom before they realize they need to change their approach to business. How can you prevent yourself from continuing to do activities that don’t bring you any success? How can you get to the next level without putting in more work? On this episode, the legendary Devon Peterson shares how he tripled his loan production in 2 months.



Don’t scale back your lifestyle to tell yourself a lie that it’s okay. -Devon Peterson



  • Quit having a scarcity mentality- approach real estate agents offering to help them and bring them business. You’ll benefit in the long run.

  • Raise your standards and refuse to accept anything lower. Tolerating poor results will only allow you to continue in the cycle.

  • Optimism can only get you so far: make sure you’re taking effective steps and not repeating the wrong steps.


At the start of the episode, Devon shared his background and explained why he decided to pursue a career in mortgage. After mentioning that he hit a slump a few years ago, Devon told us how he got back on track to create the life he wanted.


We also discussed:

  • Creating positive pressure
  • Keeping in mind your motivators
  • Why you need to stop worrying about the long run and just get started


Failing to meet your goals only happens when you’re not working towards them. The reality is, if you’re not reaching your goals it’s probably because you’re not putting enough pressure on yourself. The secret to success lies in your decision to work effectively and take things one step at a time. Your ability to get it done relies solely on you and your mindset.



How Jessica Swystun DOUBLED Her Production in Just 3 Months!

Most of the time, the only thing holding us back is ourselves. How can you stop making the same mistakes and surpass your self-imposed ceiling? How do you start taking control of your future? On this episode, Jessica Swystun shares how taking strategic action allowed her to double her production in just 3 months.



You just have to do the things on the list. -Jessica Swystun



  • Systems are non-negotiable if you want a successful business. Make sure you’re putting effective systems in place that allow you to manage everything properly.

  • Engage with the right Realtors. It’s important to build relationships with Realtors by sending them leads. Be sure to also screen them to make sure you’re sending clients to the right people.

  • Taking control of your business is crucial. Make the mindset shift towards achieving everything you’ve set out to do.


At the start of the episode, Jessica shared what led her to decide to want more. She then discussed how she started on her own, after leaving a major financial institution. Jessica mentioned how she stopped feeling overwhelmed and began the process of just ‘doing the things’.


We also discussed:

  • Knowing your skill set
  • Effective ways to communicate with your database
  • That working all day long means nothing if it’s not impactful

To be successful in the mortgage industry, you have to be intentional. It’s not enough to show up to work everyday. You have to be committed to taking the right steps towards success. Take control of your business, and implement systems that help you go to the next level.


Guest Bio

Straight after college, Jessica Swystun joined a major financial institution. After feeling like she wasn’t doing enough, Jessica made the decision to help people buy homes. Since making this decision, she’s joined the Mortgage Marketing Coach program- and has seen fantastic results. Jessica is an advocate for taking action for success, and believes simply ‘doing the things’ is all it takes to generating phenomenal success.

 To find out more about Jessica, head to:

 To join the program that helped Jessica double her production, head to:

How Jay Rodriguez Went from $1.5M/month to $4.43M/month in Funding Volume in Just 4 Months, Without Cold Calling!

No one wants to be mediocre, but a lot of loan officers allow themselves to stay in underwhelming positions because it’s comfortable. How can you stop allowing yourself to tolerate struggle? What will allow you to see real freedom? On this episode, success story and Mortgage Marketing Coach student, Jay Rodriguez is here to share what pushed him toward greatness.



Unless you have the determination, you won’t execute your goals. -Jay Rodriguez



  • Too many people tolerate struggling because they believe it to be normal. What you tolerate, you endorse. So make sure you’re not endorsing something that holds you back from greatness.

  • Focus on who you are, why you’re here, and what your purpose is. You need to have a keen sense of self and goals to be able to push through to greatness.

  • Stop thinking you have to do it all. If you choose not to build a team that allows you to step back, you’re doing yourself a disservice. By being a control freak, you lose all sense of freedom.


At the start of the episode, Jay shared how he got started in the industry. After explaining that he was overworking and staying in something that made him unhappy, Jay started talking about his shift towards building a business he wanted that brought him fulfillment and phenomenal success.


We also discussed:

  • The power of peturbence
  • Why you need to decide you must win
  • That you should be using technology to make your life easier

Despite the wealth of great technologies and the expertise of others, loan officers continue to complicate their journeys to success. The reality is, while it’s certainly not easy to achieve greatness, the ability to achieve it lies within ourselves. Stop telling yourself it’s okay to be mediocre: you can rise to the top. All it takes is work and determination.


Guest Bio

After seeing some success in the mortgage industry since getting his license in 2010, Jay Rodriguez believed he was in a reasonably good position. However, his burning desire for more sparked a passion within him to move on to bigger things. Since joining the Mortgage Marketing Coach program, Jay went from $1.5M/month to $4.43M/month. Today, he’s happier than ever in all aspects of his life and healthier than ever before.

 To find out more about Jay, head to:

How to Stop Worrying and Start Winning

Worry affects everyone at some point. However, rather than allowing it to control us, we should take measures to eliminate worry before it has too big an impact. What can you do today to stop worrying and start winning? What are the steps you can take now to avoid causing yourself anxiety that stops you from achieving your goals? On this episode, I explain what the CAR method is, and why you need to start using it.



The best way to start winning is by investing in yourself. -Doren Aldana



  • Claim your victory in advance. Through affirmations and visualization, you can take the first step towards achieving your dreams simply by willing them to happen.

  • Accept total responsibility for what’s in your control right now. Your thinking, action, habits, and focus are all things you have the power to change. They also have a direct impact on your business.

  • Roll with winners. Who you spend time with says a lot about you, so make sure the people closest to you are successful in their own lives.


At the start of the episode, I mention that worry is something all of us have experienced. I then shared a story of how I allowed someone else’s treatment of me define my actions and behavior. Noticing this was a turning point for me- and should be for you, too. Don’t allow external factors cloud your mindset and fool you into thinking you don’t have what it takes.


I also discussed:

  • How you can start visualizing your dreams today
  • The need to cultivate success by design- nothing happens by accident
  • Why you need to invest in yourself and how to do it


Your mind is an exceptionally powerful tool. Your mindset determines whether you’ll succumb to external factors and other people’s treatment of you, or if you’ll succeed regardless of the noise. Pay attention to what you can do, and what you will. The only way you’ll be able to stop worrying and start winning is by consciously deciding to invest in yourself and expressing gratitude for the things you’ve not yet achieved. If you can do that, you’re one step closer to mastering the art of marketing.

How to Build Loyalty with Top Dog Realtors (Even If They’re Already ‘Married’ to Their Lender) w/ Peter Fickeisen

Let's face it: being able to create and cultivate loyalty with top-producing Realtors is one of the fastest, most profitable ways to grow your mortgage business. How can we do this without the hell of cold calling and chasing? How do we build a solid partnership that's a mutual win-win? How can we add unique value in a way no one else can?

In this episode, award-winning veteran loan officer, Peter Fickeisen, shares what it takes to earn the loyalty of top agents so they stick to you like Super Glue.



The key to a partnership is knowing how you are going to add value compared to the person they’re using. -Peter Fickeisen



  • Earning partnerships through giving value
    Partnerships don’t happen overnight, and must be earned. It’s not about how great you are, but how you can add value and give instead of solely receiving.

  • How meeting regularly helps maintain partnerships
    In order to maintain a partnership, we need to have a schedule set up to meet with agents regularly. We want to make sure that we are ingrained in the culture of our partnerships. If we are not seeing our partners often enough, it makes it less likely that we’ll do business together.

  • How agreements facilitate fair partnerships
    We need to set up agreements with our partners to manage expectations. The agreement should include how each party contributes so that there are elements of giving and receiving on both sides.

We also discussed:

  •    Earning partnerships through giving value
  •    How meeting regularly helps maintain partnerships
  •    How agreements facilitate fair partnerships


It takes commitment to become connected with the top agents in your area. You need to figure out what you’re going to do and how you’re going to show up to make yourself irreplaceable and indispensable so that you become their exclusive lender. Partnerships need regular meetings and a mutually beneficial agreement. You must have enough unique value to command and demand that they send you all their business.


Guest Bio

Peter Fickeisen is the Director of Business Development at Luxury Mortgage Corp. and is a Senior Loan Originator. After leaving a job that dictated a 100-hour work week and a non-compete, he had to start from scratch and built himself up from zero to hero. Peter currently has just shy of $1 billion in production over the years. He was in the Top 200 in the USA for loan officers in production and units for 2011-2016, ranked in the Top 20 of Massachusetts Mortgage Bankers 2009-2016, and was the Top Producer at William Raveis Mortgage for 2011-2016. Peter is widely recognized as one of the top mortgage originators in the US and has ranked in the top 1% in the country from 2009-2018. He has been in mortgage banking for 14 years, focusing on client relationships. Peter is a bonafide, certified, qualified veteran in the business and the real deal in attracting solid partnerships.

How to Identify Where You’re Leaving Money on The Table

People leave money on the table when they don’t patch up their marketing. How do you figure out what mistakes you’re making? What’s limiting your results, even when you apply maximum effort? On this episode, I explain the 3 areas you should be mastering to avoid spending too much time on unimportant tasks and too little time doing the things that matter.


If you don’t make people think they have to work with you, you’re leaving money on the table. -Doren Aldana  



  • Make sure you’re staying in contact with your database. Neglecting to leverage your database is the quickest way to leave money on the table.

  • Pay attention to the real estate agents you approach. You should be asking a small group of top producers for all their business, rather than a big group of bottom feeders.

  • Don’t wait too long to delegate. As soon as you can, get other people to complete lower paying tasks, so you can focus more on the high-paying ones.

I start the episode by recounting an experience I had a while back. The car we were given on vacation had a broken gas pedal. This meant that pressing the pedal not only failed to make us go any faster, but it also wasted the gas. After sharing this, I explain how a lot of mortgage professionals are effectively enacting the same thing: wasting time on tasks that aren’t getting them anywhere.


We also discussed:

  • Why you should be perfecting a few moves, rather than doing many tasks poorly
  • The importance of a multimedia approach with regards to contacting your database
  • How you can patch up the holes in your marketing approach

The best way to keep your marketing strong is by streamlining your process. Stop overcomplicating your business by trying to wear too many hats. You’re working too hard by doing that. Work smarter, and focus on 3 areas of mastery, rather than several areas of mediocrity.

3 Traits of Top Producers w/ Dave Savage

One of the best ways to learn how to be successful is by observing the people whose success you want to emulate. What are some of the habits of top-producing mortgage pros? What can you learn from them, and how can you start implementing their strategies into your own journey?

On this episode, I talk with the legendary Dave Savage. As the CEO of Mortgage Coach, Dave has seen what works and what doesn’t. He shares what you need to do to become -- and stay -- a top producer.



If what you’re doing is working, keep doing it. If it’s not, add to it. -Dave Savage



  • A personality trait shared by most successful people is consistency. Be consistent with your systems, and make sure everything you replicate is of an excellent standard.

  • Take steps to generate leads and prospects every single day. Use multiple platforms to ensure you’re contacting prospective clients from a range of sources.

  • Make sure every interaction you have is a teaching opportunity. Advice matters, and your clients should walk away feeling like they know more after interacting with you.

At the start of the episode, we hear about Dave’s journey and his involvement with the industry’s top producers. We hear what the term ‘top producer’ really means, and how you’ll know if you fall into that bracket or if you still need to push harder.


We also discussed:

  • The difference between your clients liking you or respecting you
  • Why you need to approach every single client with the same systemized processes
  • Why you have to think in terms of what huge competitors like Amazon can’t offer and use it to your advantage


You’ve heard it time and again because it’s true: consistency is key. Whatever your systems are, make sure you’re offering an excellent service to every client you deal with. A great customer experience is important, and with huge corporations like Amazon taking over the market, you can use a great customer experience to your advantage. You have the knowledge, you have the skills, and you have the concern for your clients. Shouldn’t you be reminding the industry (and yourself) of that, every single day?


Guest Bio

Dan Savage is the CEO of Mortgage Coach in Lake Oswego, Oregon. On top of having over 27 years of experience in the mortgage industry, Dave is a pioneer of mobile technologies. As someone who understands the presence of technology in our daily lives, Dave is passionate about transforming the home buying experience, for both the client and the professional.

To find out more about Dave and Mortgage Coach, head to: