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5 Steps for Attracting Top Producing Realtors as Exclusive Partners (Webinar)

November 21, 2019

Many LOs feel like they aren’t getting anywhere or achieving anything when it comes to working with the best Realtors, and it’s because of repeating the same outdated and lack-luster methods. In order for us to overcome this, what are the 5 shifts that need to align in our businesses if we want to start attracting the top dogs? What are the things we need to stop doing immediately if we want our businesses to do better? In this webinar, we talk about the worst strategies for recruiting Realtor partners and what we can do instead, as well as a rejection-free equation for getting business.  

The idea is to stop being a “Joe Schmoe” LO offering great rates and service, and start adding unique value that no other mortgage professional is offering. -Doren Aldana 



  • Everyone is clamoring for the same real estate agents, so the competition has increased immensely. Rates and good service aren’t enough to differentiate us anymore. 

  • Stop cold calling the same people over and over with the hope that you’ll wear them down. Instead, use automation to get people pre-sold in advance. 
  • Diagnose first; prescribe second. Ask questions, discover their pain points and then come up with a solution.

At the start of the show, I talked about the importance of becoming more like the people we want to attract to work with us, how to determine the right bait to bring Realtor partners in, and how we can bring value to them. We also discussed the difference between prospecting and positioning. 

We also discussed: 

  • LOs who completely changed their businesses
  • Why cold calling doesn’t cut it anymore  
  • The value of mentoring