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The Cost of Delaying on Your Dream (Doing It The Hard Way)

November 4, 2019

When we don’t equip ourselves to win and succeed, we miss out on so many great things we could have in our lives and businesses. If we aren’t employing the right tools to mine our databases, attract agents, leverage technology, and build good systems, we will delay our own progress and success. Why is it important for us to stop blaming the results we get on our circumstances? What do we stand to lose when we aren’t showing up for success with the right mindset, attitudes and actions? On this episode, we talk about why doing things the long and hard way will make us lose key results, and what we can do instead to get the results we want in our businesses.

Opportunity is not lost, it just goes to those that are committed and aligned with victory.
-Doren Aldana 



  • The biggest costs of being ill-equipped to go after our dreams are lost revenue, time, opportunity, impact, adventure and legacy. 
  • Your circumstances are a reflection of our thoughts, feelings, habits and behaviors. We are the common denominator of every result we get. 

  • If we don’t have a solid plan for our mortgage businesses, it can cost us up to $15k a month in lost revenue.

At the start of the show, we talked about how we can connect with the most powerful versions of ourselves, and why we should view challenging circumstances as setups and not setbacks. We also discussed how to avoid losing out on great business and financial opportunities. 

We also touched on:

  • How to surrender to our purpose without surrendering to our circumstances 
  • The importance of avoiding softening self-talk